Special Stories

We are known for telling stories about animals, both domestic and wild.  Whether in a Zoo setting or at a local veterinarian, there are always stories to be told about animals and their human caretakers.  Also, we like to do stories about activities with people and their pets when out and about our area.  This is a young male lion walking over his parents at the San Francisco Zoo.

Message Delivered

Loki's Story

The cover picture of our book "Ancient Allies" is of Loki, a Siberian husky that we wrote "Loki's Story" about.  This is an additional picture from that story showing that the raven, Muninn (Memory),  had delivered his message about Loki's owner, and was on his way back to Odin.


Sally's Tale

One of the stories in our book is called "Sally's Tale" and it's the story of a one-legged seagull and how she survives and thrives.  It's a tale that can apply to anyone who may have a disability or some other problem, but they can thrive, too.

Hawk Chasing Raven

Our Stories and Photographs Are Inspirational

We have tried to make all the stories in "Ancient Allies" inspiring, humorous, thought provoking, and in some cases, intense.  We want those who read our book to enjoy the stories and get something out of them that they can think about.  Plus we want you to enjoy all the photographs, like this photograph of a hawk chasing a raven.

We Want You To Enjoy ...

Reading the book, enjoying looking at the spectacular photographs, and hopefully, this is a book you'll pick up again and again.  This photograph is of a raven with a special sun ray highlighting him.  In some cultures, ravens are known as a "Bringer of the Light."

The Bringer of Light

Next Steps...

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