Ming Wah's Journey

She was the loveliest Snow Leopard when she came to the San Francisco Zoo.  She came to us from China where she had been caught in a trap on a farm.  We have no idea how long she was in the trap, but can you imagine her terror at being trapped and not able to get away.  It’s fortunate that the farmer recognized her as the special creature she was and didn’t automatically kill her.  Her paw was pretty mangled, but the veterinarians were able to save part of it.  It would have been a death sentence to release her back into the wild as it damaged her hunting ability to hunt and catch prey and she was used to farms and easy catches.


Wildlife Photography

These photographs show the humor and magnificence of these fabulous birds.  Scientifically, they are Corvus corax, aka Common Raven.  As far as we can see there is nothing "common" about them.  These photographs are sprinkled throughout the book, "Ancient Allies."