Sally’s Tale

We made up this story after my partner came back to the car with the tale of a one-legged seagull with the photographs he took.  She had to use her wings to hold her up to keep her balance on one leg so she could eat.  We called her Sally and this story is from her point of view.

A human was feeding us, seagulls and ravens by the ocean.  After a while, he noticed me and said something that sounded like “You are beautiful.”  I looked over at the human as if to say “Me???”  I had no idea what that meant, but it sounded nice.  He then proceeded to keep the other gulls away so I could eat as much as I wanted.  I was going to try to get back to where I was born, those islands you can see off the coast, particularly when the ocean is low.  As I continued to “fuel up” as you humans say, a raven was circling around me to keep the other birds away.  I kept wondering why was the raven helping me.  The raven said to me, “I’ll circle for you and keep the seagulls off so you can fuel up.”  The raven told me “Don’t overfill yourself as you have a long flight ahead of you so you can take advantage of the prevailing winds.  Now take your shot!”  It was a good thing since I felt satisfied with enough food to “fuel” my flight home.  As I rose in the air, the prevailing winds gave me a lift and I could feel the wind at my back so I could rest my wings occasionally for the long trip over the ocean.  I gave my thanks to the raven that sent me on my way.  With such an auspicious start to my journey, I knew I would make it home.

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