Each raven looking in a different direction.

Our Approach

Our goal is to show the magical connection between humans and the animals in the world around us, both domestic and wild.  These are ravens that seem to show "A Sign of the Times" that you always have to be on guard.  Our photographs show that with enough patience and perseverance, you, too, can get pictures like these.

Our Story

We started out taking photographs when we first got our iPhones with camera capability.  Little did we know that pictures like these would evolve into our book along with inspiring stories showing the community between humans and animals.  There are stories from the San Francisco Zoo and the Blue Cross Pet Hospital as well as general stories from our travels around our favorite spots in San Francisco.

Meet the Team

Lenn is predominately the photographer and Cindy is predominately the author, although Lenn has co-authored some stories and written some of his own.  Cindy has also taken some of the pictures.

Raven keeping watch

Sharon Cindy Cameron


Sharon Cindy Cameron spent the first 30 years of her working life in the corporate world, then followed her love of animals and nature to the San Francisco Zoo as a docent, then as a teacher of docents.  Her last working years were spent at the Blue Cross Pet Hospital.  She lives in San Francisco, California with her two cats.


Lenn Cameron


Lenn Cameron has spent his working life in property management and vampire extraction.   He spends his spare time taking these fabulous photographs.  He wrote several of the stories as well as co-authored several more.  He lives in San Francisco with his cat.

Next Steps...

If you're interested in purchasing an autographed copy of our book "Ancient Allies:  Animal and human stories that may not have started out well but have happy endings!" please contact me at sharon@sharoncameron.com.  If you wish to purchase the book, please click on the "Buy Now" button.