Musical Photography

We are known for taking fabulous photographs of our natural local wildlife.  The photographs tell their own stories and we try to add information and stories about the wildlife shown.

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Sally's Tale

We also like to tell stories about the pictures we post in this site under Gallery.  See our blog for the stories.

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"Ancient Allies"

Our book "Ancient Allies; Animal and human stories that may not have started well, but have happy endings!" was recently published by Balboa Press and is available directly from us.

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Animals are people, too!

This book started out as an idea with “Loki’s Story” (see picture below) from a wonderful day of taking photographs and enjoying the animal and human interactions.  The more I thought about these relationships it made sense to look back at my time at the San Francisco Zoo and at the veterinary clinic.

In both cases, these stories are based on true incidents that happened at each location.  The other stories are based on incidents that happened as we do have photographs to go along with almost all the stories.  Hopefully, they will inspire you and give you food for thought about the relationship between animals, wild or domestic, and the people that care for them.

My hat’s off to all the people at the San Francisco Zoo as well as all those at the Blue Cross Pet Hospital in San Francisco.  They are often the unsung heroes of these stories, as well as all the people who care for their pets and try to give them the best life possible.

Ancient Allies


Sunlit Prince of the Skies

Interested in the book ...

If you are interested purchasing an autographed copy of this book, please let me know via email, here:  If you wish to purchase this book, please click on the "Buy Now" button.